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So how does an Engineer and a Nurse end up creating FREAKING AMAZING Gift Boxes???

Ever got a gift and said "Ah, you really shouldn’t have..."? Ever meant it? Wait, did someone say it to YOU?

THIS BOX ROCKS is the opposite of that: Top-quality, USEFUL, locally-sourced wherever possible gifts that look freaking amazing.

We don't endorse ALWAYS waiting 'til the last minute when buying gifts for your loved ones, but let’s be real: Now that you can bank on THIS BOX ROCKS blowing their socks off every time, why the hell wouldn’t you?



rid the world of mediocre gifts - that nobody ever uses - one box at a time!

At THIS BOX ROCKS, we are 100% vegan & proud!


all our gifts are carefully checked, sourced, and hand-packaged here in the UK.

Life's too short for thoughtless gifts.

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